Virtual Galaxies
These comics are either rad or funny:


After me playing "Disgaea" on my DS (Play it, it is awesome), I'm pretty sure the comics story is based on the game and some others too, well I think anyway. Regardless it contains awesome. I demand you check it out!


The Dark Age of Mobius

One of the better sonic comics out there. you can tell Zman (The author) actually puts alot of care into his comics. That one line alone should make you click. If not, the effects are VERY well done and the story is satisfying. Click on it now, BITCH! >:E/



Created by yours truly. Sonic's MEDIOCRE ADVENTURES is a comic that bags noobish sonic comics and is actually made for decent enough sonic spriters and people who hate sonic comics or sprite comics to enjoy. in my opinion, it's a mixture of genius, and if you don't laugh at any of this, you're probably one of the people who got offended

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